Flower Power

Flowers and plant paintings on canvas.


Watercolor paintings on paper.

Beautiful Creatures

Imaginative creatures and depictions of life. All paintings are oil and encaustic on canvas.


An exploration of imaginative insects and bugs

Felt Creatures

Odd and ominous creatures.

Exploration in Shapes

An exploration into shapes and design

Wondrous Places

Studies of perspective from various destinations of travel.

Wood Blocks

An expression of art in the form of painted wood blocks.


Sailing vessels and boats.

Sarah Bentley received her MFA in painting from the University of Wisconsin Madison. Sarah produces her art from her studio in Redwood City, CA.
Her work has been shown in Wisconsin and Minnesota. She is known for creating paintings with a mixture of oil paint and beeswax, also known as "encaustic". Her most recent work has focused on imaginative depictions of insects and beehives.
Sarah's imaginative creations include sea creatures, imaginative beasts, vibrant flowers, and wood block sculptures.